Official Documents: Charters of Rights, International Conventions and Treaties

This section recommends the official documents of various national and international agencies and associations, operating in the field of health and protection of minors in sports.

Scientific research: Evidence on mistreatment and abuse in sport

This section reports the results of international scientific research carried out on populations of athletes who have been victims of mistreatment and abuse during their sports career, with particular attention to the negative consequences on their well-being.

In these two narrative reviews of international literature, freely available, the authors describe the extent and prevalence of abuse on young athletes, presenting the consequences on the psychophysical well-being of maltreatment with perspectives of prevention and awareness.

These empirical researches, available for consultation at the links, describe the short and long-term effects of psychological violence and emotional abuse on young, illustrating the consequences both in terms of performance and in terms of psycho-relational functioning.

These researches, of which only the abstract is available, focusing on the physical and sexual violence against minors in sports. The most frequent types of abuse, their prevalence and the effects on the mental health of young athletes are described.